November 2021


Hello Friends My Name is Vishal Jethwani i am youtuber and WordPress Websites Developer and i am here to tell you which are best marketplace to sell online businesses and Websites.

There are few of most popular Marketplace are Flippa , Motion Invest , Flippingtraders these are top 3 best marketplace where i was selling my websites and But few days ago my flippa account was suspended for just a minor reason.

My mistake was only that i have changed my payment method 2 or 3 times and flippa have suspended my account, So right now i was using and trust me this marketplace is just amazing.

I was using motion invest only if i have website that is already generating revenue, Because you can’t sell starter website to motioninvest , They only accept listing if your site is earning atleast 20$ Monthly.

So is now best for me there is no restriction you can sell starter , established , Google Adsense Approved or any kind of website there.

Best Part is they take very low listing fees as compared to Flippa. Flippa is charging upto 49$ for each listing and are taking only 110 Rs for single listing more discount if you buy there multiple listing package.

And I think flippingtraders is best alternative to flippa. Here your listing will be live for 365 days and i have listed some websites and some of my site got sold via flippingtraders, This site is also secured for both buyers and Sellers.

Unlike flippa they didn’t have option to pay direct to seller, If you are buying any site from flippingtraders you should first pay to them , now seller has to send you all the required details of website that you have purchased. After this they check everything and release payment to seller.